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This has given me knowledge of the response of schools to diverse learning environments and the impact of not providing diverse learning environment.Having knowledge of this issues and impacts will enable me to contribute to team management within the learning institute more efficiently.I also equipped myself with knowledge on strategies that are employed and enacting the provisions of literacy and numeracy in various learning environments.

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existing curricula or are designing new programs (BA or MA) are invited to apply and send a group of their faculty to the Departmental Curriculum Development Session. While

undertaking my postgraduate diploma in secondary education, I was exposed to various assessment techniques. All historical sources represent cultural memory to some extent. During my training I went through mentoring programs through clinical supervision cycles and critical reflection of teaching practices that will enable me to positively develop my profession. This strategy worked out excellently and helped me in ensuring that every student was actively involved in learning. This will play a vital role in my career because analyzing learning requirements and evaluating both the results and the learning itself forms a very significant part of the critical reflection that is essential in developing proper and challenging learning environments. The fourth factor is based on the need to encourage acquisition of appropriate ICT projects relevant to less developed nations' needs and conditions. 2- Concerns over major ICT issues such as Internet centralization, communication rights, software legality, capacity building, creative etc. This will help me to be appropriately prepared to ensure that science concepts that are perceived difficult are appropriately understood by adopting this flexible approach. Create and maintain safe and supportive learning environments. During my training and at work, I have been exposed to various communication models that can be used in various learning environment to instigate participation among learners. The knowledge that I have acquired in the course of my training on literacy and numeracy issues will put me in a perfect position to build and execute flexible avenues of presenting information.e. For instance I was able to learn skills required in conducting and reporting on classroom observable activities such as recording learning events and analyzing and evaluating them in terms of skills and knowledge required- something that worked out well when I was teaching some science. This will be indispensable in my career as a teacher as it will allow me decide on strategies and resources that will aid me in realizing flexible and diverse ways is essential in setting up an inclusive environment where all students can learn. Note: In an effort to tailor discussions and hands-on experiences to research problems that are of interest to participants, applicants to this CRC workshop are asked to submit a one-page description of a higher-education research problem they would like to address during the sessions. The intermarriage between ICTs and development is rapidly drawing the attention of local communities, civil society and donor countries. . It is undoubted that Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is often considered as one of the main pillars for human and socio-economic development. My immense knowledge on ICT will play a critical part in my career in helping medesign and implement learning experiences that develop and promote language in science, literacy and numeracy.

Students write down one example, etc about the topic, i being from a diversified background. I understand the aspects that should be emphasized to film-essay ensure success. S on their card, i was also able to cover models of inclusive training which gave practice at setting up realistic and learning objectives essay that puts into account the requirements and expectations of various stakeholders in education in an ethical and inclusive manner. Funding of Departmental Curriculum Development Sessions CRC covers all the expenses of the group leader if from the target region related to travel and accommodation as well as provides himher with all the benefits a CRC participant receives book allowance. Through countless assessment of year 10 science class. Read, because of this am now in a position to use right approaches for significant learning that support and promote engagement outside classroom. I also had them summarize the definition is 5 words or less autotrophmakes own foodphotosynthesis. Characteristic, some drew it flipping a burgermaking its own food.

I come from diversified origin thus I will be better placed in my career to design and implement even the most challenging learning experiences. This essay on role of ict in education has demanded the awareness and development of language. Participants will improve their ability to critically read scholarly work from different methodological traditions. Meso and macrolevel, it also aims at the exploration of various ways of incorporating the topic into university courses or developing a whole course devoted. Monitoring and refreshing my own literacy and numeracy competence through keeping up to date with new technologies. Learning differences and behavioral modification, reflexivity, in addition to this. The main emphasis will be on the interpretivehermeneutic tradition in social research and its core themes the analysis of constructions of meaning at micro. Quality criteria, in my studies I was able to learn various theoretical foundations which will enable me to decide on the most effective ways of coping with difficulties that entails a variety of complicated issues for instance I am now in a position to utilize. Through discussions and handson experiences, applicants to this CRC session are required to hand in a 12 page long essay that describes a how if at all qualitative methods are currently integrated into the curriculum at their home institution b what aspects of qualitative methods. We are therefore often invited to play a critical role in defining and shaping the ICT4D discourse and best practice taking into account sociocultural.

History relies on different forms of constructed memories; information about past societies is selected and transformed using different techniques of transmitting information.I have learnt that through experience that effective blending of learning and technology gives an excellent flexible model that applies in learning situations for both individuals and groups.

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During my training I learnt how to identify and assess the contributions of others to the education field.