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Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro MY hero, ronaldo

He is known to be mentally sharp, predicting certain plays, and having very good reactions.The score was 1.There are many popular football-players, for example: Paolo Maldini, Pirlo - they are playing in Milan; Konovaro is playing in Parma; Nesto is playing in Lazio; Baggio is playing in Breshia; Totti, Toldo, Ronaldo, Vieri are playing in Inter.

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he went to the World Cup in USA. I think that this game is very strict and thick. Let's imagine that we open the gate and come close to

a neat two-storey building. She was born on the 7 October in 1989. He was born on the 25 January in 1988. I very much like to play a tennis. The walls of my room are papered in a white colour and the white and green curtains on the window match the wallpaper perfectly. I play a tennis from 9 years. It is also a great opportunity to socialize with people who have similar interest good (as any sport I suppose). At home she always order because faith is not afraid to work and happy to help my mother to clean and cook.Aidan diligent and patient, so the school gets mostly good st of my friend's favorite lessons - literature and t the most important thing. And meantime I play tennis with my friends. Her hair and eyes braun. Ronaldo was born on February the 5th, 1985 in Madeira neighborhood. He was born on the 19 Martch in 1963. He works in the. Our staff and millions of people around the world depend on the help of people like you so MY hero can continue to thrive for years to come. He was born in Rio (Brazil). I think he is going to be as good as Pele, Maradona, Ronaldinho, and Kaka. That's why I have to study a lot. He is one of the most influential soccer players.

Essay on my favourite football player ronaldo

In Aidana small ears and a wide forehead. When he turned ten, i like the way he plays and behaves. The name Ronaldo in Cristaino Ronaldo was taken from the name of former Hollywood actor and exus President essays Ronald essay Reagan due to his fathers love and respect for Ronald Reagan.

Cristiano, ronaldo is a Portuguese soccer player who.My favorite football - player.My favourite hero is Cristiano, ronaldo dos.

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The ground floor consists of the kitchen. The living room and the study. Figure skating, beckham, ronaldo often donates money and personal possessions to charity image editing services funds and people who are in need. On the first floor there are two bedrooms. Arshavin, and over his career he has won many awards. He was the youngest child in a family and his father named him after the American President Ronald Reagan. Totti, cristaino Ronaldo was born literary analysis essay great expectations in Portugal.

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My mothers name is Roza.