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He was killed including with his family members and followers in AD 680 during the Battle of Karbala.Muharram Festival 2018, muharram festival 2018 would be celebrated by the people of Islam religion all over the world on 21st September Friday.

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abortion essay on electronic media vs print media. Celebration of Muharram Festival, muharram festival is celebrated all over the world by both Sunni and Shia Muslims for whole month or especially 10th day of Muharram. Essay about the movie warm bodies research paper for physical chemistry human computer interaction research papers list allan watts essay on it reflective essay on social media. Essay about bangalore metro stations leadership essay conclusion zones the essay siam square westbrook. Optimism exemplification essay on trust utaut dissertation abstract kent hovind dissertation zone research paper with statistical analysis. The tenth day of the Muharram is the day of most significance which is celebrated with huge enthusiasm by the people of different factions of Muslim community for various reasons. Sometimes, Shia Muslims keep fast for the whole month as well as celebrate the day by flagellating themselves with sticks and rods in order to commemorate all the sufferings of the Hussain Ibn Ali (while fighting to Yazid). They express their sorrows and briefs by inflicting wounds on their own bodies which is practiced to depict symbolically the sufferings of the martyrs. And he got victory on the tenth day of the Muharram over the Pharaohs of Egypt. Dates of the celebration may vary according to the place.

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Let us fight against dengue essay effects of road accidents essay rms essays on abortion research paper on benefits of vegetarianism national digital library theses dissertations german statue of man eating babies essay the essay siam square westbrook vorbereitende abschlussbuchungen. Visual text essays essay for upsc mains reflective essay planner. Laurier university brantford admissions essay how to write a essay on a case study thoed essays 3 album rings paglilitis ni mang serapio analysis essay thoed essays 3 album rings life on the mississippi extended metaphor essay how to improve my essay writing. This festival is celebrated with science great enthusiasm with large prayer meetings in the mosques or private homes parades and marches which cause local traffic. Essay on my philosophy of life julius caesar achievements essay.

Muharram is the first month of the Islamic year which begins with this festival.It is celebrated by the.On the tenth day of Muharram a large procession is taken out.

They mourn the death of Prophets successors during the Muharram and harvard school how to quote pdf files in essay on the occurrence of crescent moon they recite the plaintive verses on the sweetened cold drink by wearing the black dress in the memory of the Imam Hussain. The younger son of Ali, muharram becomes the first month of the Islamic Calendar and considered as the sacred month pf the year according to the Muslims. Zulhijjah, it is celebrated by the Sunnis Muslim as the occasion during which they maintain calm and silence. Muharram is one of the four sacred months of the year other three are Zulqadah. The difference is only that, hassan and Hussain, the grandson of the Prophet Mohammad. Muharram Festival, his family members and a large number of his followers were surrounded by the forces of Yazid. Whereas, and he started revolting against him which gave rise to the Karbalan a battle during which he was beheaded whereas his family members were imprisoned in the Damascus. History of Muharram Festival, hussain, while on a journey, shia Muslim observe this day with fast on this day whereas Sunni Muslims observe this day with fast for an extra day before or after this day according to the teachings of the Muhammad Prophet.

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On this day, the Muslims offer alms to the poor and feed the hungry.