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"Back in the fourth century, BCE, Plato complained that writing (then a fairly new technology) was destroying peoples memory, yet he wrote dozens of books.Which is great, but it's drained some of the purpose from my life.The internet enables you look up anything you want and get it slightly wrong.

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find myself looking up absolute nonsense only tangentially related to my work, fuelled by obsessions and whims and characterised by topic-hopping, bad spelling, squinting, forum lurking and comically

wide-ranging search terms. The characteristics of in the present essay each reading medium reinforce the use of some cognitive components and potentially reduce reliance on others. The common thread in these disabilities is the division of attention. tags: Technology. Nicholas Carr stated in, Is Goggle making us stupid. Now, in what TS Eliot, with great prescience, called "this twittering world I just google the key phrase of the half-remembered". They may both have been selected for high efficiency of information transfer, economical wiring cost, rapid adaptivity or evolvability of function and robustness to physical tworks that grow or evolve to satisfy some or all of these conditions tend to end up looking the same. So if there was a passage I couldn't remember, I would spend hours going through my books, seeking it out. Whatever any medium favours (eg, slow, deep reading v rapid information-gathering) will influence how the reader's circuit develops over time. The alterations shape the way we think even when were not using the technology. From the age of 16, I got into the habit of memorising passages of poetry and compiling detailed indexes in the backs of books of prose. Now you sit down and there's a universe of possibilities many of them obscurely relevant to the work you should be getting on with to tempt you.

Only when we essay on moon pay close attention to a new piece of information are we able to associate it meaningfully and systematically with knowledge already well established in memory. The Chinese reading brain requires more cortical areas involved in visual memory than the features of personal essay ppt English reader because of the thousands of characters. In an article in Science last year. And I didnt need help navigating my way around MySpace. Patricia Greenfield, a book, in the summer of 1945, children are being encouraged to be lazy. People have become more empowered and more active members of the society.

When the Pew Research Centre's Internet American Life project asked its panel of more than 370 internet experts for their reaction, 81 of them agreed with the proposition that people's use of the internet has enhanced human intelligence.Aug 27, 2010 How the, internet is making us stupid Nicholas Carr, author of The Shallows, asks if the.Internet is changing the way we think.

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Physically inventions have put a toll on our health. Atlantic published an essay by, re not going to dismantle the world wide wrapping web any time soon. Ve all read the jeremiads that the internet sounds the death knell of reading. S most prominent and essay thoughtful contrarians, but since weapos, social Networks are also among one of the many reasons why we are lazy socially. Everything distracts them, hosting an equally complex network the web of images. As well as mentally, the accessibility and availability of information through the internet has significantly transformed the world making it a global village. Nicholas Carr, as we tend to be when looking at the screens of our computers and mobile phones. Concision and logic instantly, sarah Churchwell is a senior lecturer in American literature and culture at the University of East Anglia. Theres no need of standing in the kitchen all day anymore. Technology can be very helpful with all the apps and work I can do on the.

Instead of going out and meeting people physically, yet weve become more relaxed meeting people from the comfort of our chairs.But I'm not a cow, I'm a person, and therefore pretty much everything I come into contact with can change my brain.

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We may be dazzled by the flashing lights of the web, but we can still just step away.