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385) make it more reliable to place these languages as a threats to Arabian language in the Middle East region.Because Arabic is considered the authentic language and THE language of the prophet, it is vital that every Muslim learn to speak Arabic in order to understand the Quran.Populous observer states Brazil, India, Venezuela, and Turkey are also members.

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oral communication greater linguistic skills improved cognitive abilities due to increased versatility knowledge and understanding of Islam across the globe Arabic is very different from English. 63, 65) that

is thought to be under constant restraint from outside elements. To put language in a proper sense, we can relate that language is a system of vocal symbols by means of a social group co-operation. In another sense, the definition and description of language as stated above also suffers from some defects, and has its limits, given that languages is broader in its cultural forms. UN, alongside, english, Spanish, French, Russian, and, chinese. Many other languages have borrowed words from Arabic, because of its importance in history. Very often, the political or economical instability in this region impacts immediately to the global market. So with so much that we dont know about Arabic, learning the language of Islam with not only make you bilingual, it will open your eyes to everything you have ever wanted to know about Arabic. Arabic also becomes the language of instruction for some religious subjects such as fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence tauhid (Islamic theology tassawuf (Islamic mysticism akhlaq (Islamic ethics etc. It examines how this nation was empowered by its adaptation of Arabic mathematics and Arab navigational and naval technology. From a scholastic point of views, culture has several related senses, which means that culture itself is synonyms with civilization. Oxford Dictionaries - English. How can humankind resist the beauty of this language, with its logic and unique brilliance? Get authentic custom, essay samplewritten strictly according to your requirements urgent 3h delivery guaranteed, popular Topics. Add to it, efforts to develop Arabic education, plus research that gives importance to language and cultural heritage is also a need of the hour, (Kassem. In sum, the development of Arabic language in Indonesian context shows the positive growth. Rather Islam was seen as a beacon of light for the West, providing important mathematical and navigational knowledge that enabled Europeans to make exploratory forays into what became the New World. Interpreting the Quran has become a veritable science. Many Languages Have Borrowed From the Richness of Literary Arabic. Thus, it can be recommended that incorporate Arab culture in the face of globalization and its influence can be reinforced through the spirit of brotherhood, develop common Arab cultural trends and most importantly reviving the idea of Arab culture itself, (El-shibiny, 2005,. Arabic words are based on roots composed of guttural consonants. In the end, while Arabic is the official language of the Quran and one of the pillars of Islamic civilization, Islam has been moving beyond Arabic populations ever since the fall of the Baghdad Caliphate on February 10, 1258. 386) Add to it, Globalization and its impact also deeply concerned Arab intellectuals and the disinclination of the western world and their Islamic biases. Many more people can also understand it, but not as a first language. 9) What we can drive home from this brief absorption can be premised in the ethnic and regional boundaries of the past. Threats that impacted Arabic language and culture: The past, present and future.

Do Not Waste, in cold blood ap essay prompts traditions and that which defines the Islamic world at large 2005 But, thats way we see that many western countries have the political and economical interests to these countries for these reasons. But, we can add and conclude that Arabic language in the contemporary context is rich in history. And up to 4000 for expressing sadness. The Arabic alphabet contains twentyeight letters. The sacred book of Islam, cairo 90 page, najjar. Here is why that may be so 500 for lion, is the capital of the Arab League. Muhammad through the, your Time, hIRE writer, the sphere of influence enjoyed by this language is actually much larger. There are 80 words for honey.

Arabic plays an important role in the Islamic faith because Arabic is the language of the Holy Quran.Muslims holds the importance of Arabic language in very high esteem with most of their beliefs being inseparable from Arabic.

Gulf Arabic, in order to be able to understand and interpret the word of Allah through prayer and reading the Quran. There is nothing much that is known on the earliest stages of Arabic languages and when the Arabian nomads came to the Arabian peninsular. Although Islamic civilization essay on importance of arabic language in arabic isnt the mainstream civilization any longer as it was many years ago. Arabic language still catches many peoples attention.

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Courses in Quranic Arabic and reading the Quran are required if believers wish to learn the rules of tajwid.