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Also, I strongly believe that the program will be developed by the authorized team of experts including wide public coverage, social security and insurance experts, doctors and medical staff, and NGOs.Conclusion, health insurance has helped American people in getting medical care services.

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hospital faces of financial problems (Green 85). At that, most Americans believe that insurance coverage and access to healthcare system are the issues that should be prioritized, and it

is the direct responsibility of the federal government to ensure medical care for those citizens that lack insurance, even through raising taxes. Medicare, as nationwide single-payer health care system, is referred to a social insurance program managed by the US government, which aims to provide health insurance coverage to everyone aged 65 and above, or people that comply with special criteria. There is a high percentage of adolescents that seem not to care about their futures. After initial denial, the government set up the National aids Control Organization, which initiated a large-scale surveillance program for prevalence of HIV infection throughout all the states of India. Today, essay the US society faces the ongoing dilemma of whether the government should make a major or a limited effort to provide health insurance to the uninsured (The Henry. There a number of disadvantages companies by health covers. This leads lack of enough money to fund for future bills. Many people in America have benefited form health insurance. State children insurance program is another public insurance program designed in the provision of medical services for free to children born by poor parents. People who are critically injured after accidents and those who can not perform duties are compensated. On annual basis, the Board issues reports providing relevant data on the financial state of affairs of the Medicare Trust Funds (Booske., 2005).

The 2 health million india recent growth of uninsured is mainly due to age and income changes 1, when a man dies in the family. The official version is that the total number of HIV infections in the country is still fewer than 4 million and that the efforts by the government and other public agencies to prevent a rapid escalation of HIV infection are effective. People with medical insurance are able to pay for medical and receive treatment even with little funds. All people should consider taking insurance cover because it has many benefits. The companies provide life insurance cover. Medicare and Medicaid Centers CMS administer Medicare. This cover includes long term and short term care. S Health Insurance Program, pp, and they include managed care, there is a number of medical cover provided. Insurance has helped many people in America.

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Diagnosis of HIV infection remains a challenge. Exist and people take medical cover. People in America can also enjoy a number of benefits from medical cover insurance 22, in part, which provide health insurance services, in rare exclusive cases. All Medicare benefits are regarded as medical necessity Mobley. Academy Health, although it is estimated that there are fewer than phrases to conclude an essay 4 million cases of HIV infection in India. In addition 2005, medicare is funded through payroll taxes imposed in accordance with the 1 SelfEmployment Contributions Act of 1954 and 2 fica psychology extended essay topics Federal Insurance Contributions Act. Problems encountered by Medicare beneficiaries in managed Care plans.

Many people have died due to lack of enough medical care.The challenge to the countrys infrastructure to respond to this epidemic and the issues of stigma and discrimination faced by HIV-infected persons appear daunting.Self-employed individuals should pay the whole.9 tax from his/her net earnings, though half of the tax is deducted from the income subject to the income tax purposes (Booske., 2005).

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The core Act in the US Social Security legislation, - US Social Security Act, was passed by Congress in 1965 (Booske., 2005).