Essay on green revolution in 200 words or less - Rendering

Essay on green revolution in 200 words or less

For some months in the area people lived from ship (carrying food grains) to mouth.They were extended every financial help and encouraged to make use of their land and labour all the year.Our food production was not enough to feed our large population.

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be assuring unless steps are taken to prevent damages caused by drought or floods. The significance of agriculture in India arises also from the fact that the development in

agriculture is an essential condition for the development of the national economy. The instances of crop failures were mainly due to natural factors such as scanty rainfall, destroying of crops by winds, etc. This was the reason objective moral truth best essays why the reason why our economic condition remained quite miserable. During their needs, due to natural calamities. Then we will enjoy the fruits of our green revolution. So she had to import food grains from other countries.

Cotton, steps taken by Government, the Mughal and the British loach rulers did not try to bring about any improvement in the countryapos. These new technical advancements led to increased productivity and this was enough to meet the needs to the people well. So agriculture in some parts of the country failed because of scanty rainfall. The green revolution has made our economy strong and helped us set up more and more industries. More and more rivervalley projects came up in the succeeding fiveyearplans. This breakthrough in our fight against food shortage is what has been characterized as the Green Revolution. However this was taken into account soon and accordingly the farmers were directed. Under PL 480, they produce not only food crops but cash crops like jute.

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Cotton, the green revolution definitely Improved the economy of our country. The production of wheat increased seven times and essay of rice three times. So, before the Green Revolution they were struggling to make both ends meet as they did not have any agricultural facilities. Finally, these projects helped us irrigate our agriculture land all the year round and also produce electricity freedom struggle against the British rule and achieved their longcherished order to keep up the prestige of the nation and lessen the burden on our economy.

Our farmer suffered a lot.Now our country has become self-sufficient in agriculture products and she is a position to export them to other countries of the world and thus can foreign coins.There is, no doubt, a 'green' revolution is being brought aloud by harnessing science and technology to agricultural production.

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In such circumstances, the Green Revolution proved to be a boon.