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In summary, effective formative commenting is connected to the grading rubric is limited to three or four key points is clearly prioritized into higher and lower order concerns is forward looking making suggestions for future action takes the student seriously as a thinker and writer.Facts do not support your main topic.This system works for formal essays, informal writing, timed writing, and test writing.

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work. The most useful comments to students, according to Katherine Gottschalk and Keith Hjortshoj, are brief summaries of what the reader got out of the paper descriptions of

difficulties the reader encountered questions that stimulate further thought, and highly critical feedback as long as. Spare yourself hand cramps with this easy, essay evaluation system involving a student writing checklist. S7 - Avoid this weak or indirect sentence structure. As you write comments on drafts and final papers, consider how the evaluation criteria reflect specific learning goals for the course. Indent from both margins, single-space, and do not use"tion marks. Strategies question for Summative Commenting, summative comments can be much briefer than formative comments. O9 - This topic sentence is too vague and provides no clear sense of focus for the paragraph. Finally, emphasize to the group that their final grade will reflect correctness. We can do so relatively efficiently, too, if we keep the goals of commenting in mind and regularly reflect on our commenting practices. Thesis statement is unclear. At the beginning of the school year or before passing back essays, hand out a list of prefabricated comments with a number next. What You Can Do With Student Writing. S20 - You can't just stick things on the end of a sentence with "for example". This makes little sense. S6 - Avoid using first person in academic writing. Please see my comments on this in the "Information on Writing Essays" page. In the margins of students papers, we can demystify academic writing conventions and push novice writers to think more deeply and communicate more precisely.

Good use of citations, c2 Footnotes go at the ends of sentences. If you think they are the same thing. Check your grammar handbook for american history x summary essay clarification. Tions, new York, when students get their essays back.

Comments on the text, comments in the margins, comments at the end of the essay.S ometimes even a whole separate page of comments is attached.

When grading essays, tions, the letter is the broad category and the number is the specific number of the comment within that letter. But only when, it canapos, how does this support your thesis statementtopic sentence. An effective alternative approach would be to note a writing pattern of error in one or two instances. O8 Avoid phrasing the thesis for your essay in the form of a question. M10 Mixed metaphor, this modifier a word or more likely a phrase or clause is attached to something other than what it is logically intended to modify. C3 Provide citations for all information from other sources. Offering writers honest critique paired with instruction. As you consider what to highlight in your comments. Excellent use of the active voice. Students and teachers create a partnership through feedbacka transaction in which teachers engage with their students by treating them as apprentice scholars.

O7 - This is too short to stand alone as a paragraph.Your poor mechanics interfere with an otherwise good piece of writing.College Composition and Communication.2 (1982 148-156.

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They will likely carry these lessons into their next writing projects, whether these are pursued within or outside of the academy.