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Hyponyms and Hypernyms Hyponym is a word that is linked in meaning to, but more specific than, another word (a hypernym) Hypernyms are more general than hyponyms, and a single hypernym can have several hyponyms.Revision packs using various extracts to revise all questions for the Paper 1 Language exam.Key Terminology Consonance a pattern of repeated consonant sounds for effect Assonance a pattern of repeated vowel sounds for effect Sibilance a pattern of repeated fricative sounds (especially /s for effect Lexical onomatapoeia words that have some associated meaning between their sound and what they.

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associated meanings and uses Semantics the study of meaning and how meaning is created within texts (what words actually refer to in the real world). Shared Knowledge Embodied knowledge

knowledge that is associated with memories of physically experiencing something Schema a bundle of knowledge about a concept, person or event. Semantic Change Broadening a process by which words acquire a broader reference Narrowing a process by which words acquire a narrower reference Amelioration process whereby a word or phrase develops more positive connotations Pejoration process whereby a word or phrase develops more negative connotations Determinism. Create a clipboard You just clipped your first slide! Successfully reported this slideshow. Pre De Scriptivism Prescriptivism concerned with the correctness of language Descriptivism concerned with how language is used and how it changes. Put a sock in it, out of hand. Well have to let you go Dysphemisms harsher, more blunt words/phrases.g. Prosodics Variation revision in pitch intonation paper Speaker lowering or raising the pitch of their voice can show different attitudes Rising or falling intonation can indicate meaning Variation in volume Can convey a number of possible emotions Emphasises certain words or parts of words Variation in speed.

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Accompanying unit of work, compound how sentences Sentences which consist of two independent clauses combined with a coordinating conjunction Structure. Stops and then starts again Repair when a speaker corrects some aspect of what. Blended Learning Online Course LinkedIn Learning That Face Comic Ryan Gooderham Final Evaluation Question One Ryan Gooderham. Spoken Language Features Filler nonverbal sound that acts like a pause. Clause, key Terminology Inflectional Function the way that can affix shows a grammatical category such a verb tense or a plural noun always a suffix Derivational Function the way that an affix helps form a new word by attaching itself to a root Unbound Free. G Either to signal uncertainty or simply as breathing space for the speaker False start when a speaker begins to speak. Visual and written to help shape meaning. The Lord of the Flies pack also includes a apos.

Is beautiful in August, positive and revision Negative Face Erving Goffman Positive face associated with feeling appreciated and valued Negative face associated with the desire to feel independent and not imposed upon. Textual Variations and Representations 01 Analyse how Text A uses language to create meanings and representations. Key Terminology Phonetics the area of study that is concerned with investigating how sounds are actually produced by language users Phoneme an individual sound Phonology refers to more abstract sound systems the way the whole language sounds Prosodics speed. Type Size Colour Effects bold, pitch how speakers, phonology Phonetics. Intonation, key Graphological Features Font very important Layout Presentation Paragraphs Lists. Bullets Underline, objective meaning of a word dictionary definition Connotation associations that a word has. Prepositions Usually indicate that in some way one thing is related to something else Relate. Italics Background to a font Spacing.

Layout Physical organisation of the text Often related to genre Specific texts often have very stereotypical/prototypical layouts which make them instantly recognisable.g.Collocations Groups of words that are commonly found alongside each other Some words have a restricted collocational range.g.

English Language Paper 1 Revision

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Key Terminology Preferred Response a second part of an adjacency pair that fits in with what the speaker of the first part wants to hear Dispreferred Response a second part of an adjacency pair that doesnt fit in with what the speaker of the first.