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Similes, metaphors, adjectives, onomatopoeia, repetition, personification, can you give examples for each?On weekends there are a lot of informal groups practising tai chi or singing karaoke in the many secluded areas this park provides DSE-ENG lang 3-B1-DF Letters from concerned citizens in newspaper Dear Sir, I am writing to express my concerns about the proposal.Don t forget to get in touch.

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is the same for both Core and Extended. I m going to keep practising until I get really good, and then maybe I ll try kite boarding at the

beach DSE-ENG lang 3-B1-DF-9 9 10 Press conference excerpt from International Parks Commission The International Parks Commission wishes to extend its congratulations to Hong. Visit for more information and programme highlights DSE-ENG lang 3-B1-DF-6 6 7 Webpage What s on in the Park Cultural and Leisure Services Department The Cultural and Leisure Services Department manages over 25 local parks across the territory. There s a great snack shop that sells the best fish balls in Hong Kong. Suggested answer to task: The ancient, academic writing kingston university knights park bearded tramp in his tattered, grey overcoat and filthy shoes was shuffling along the damp and littered pavement. Listening note-taking sheet for radio phone-in programme from Rezona Lok, editor Statistics of people using parks Poster advertisement for Mid-Autumn Festival celebration Webpage What s on in the Park Shatin Park Plan Blog Guide to Hong Kong Press conference excerpt from International Parks Commission Letters. Third person narrative, tells (narrates) the story from the viewpoint of the writer, as if watching the story. (2) For Part B, attempt either those tasks in Part B1 (Tasks 5-7) OR those in Part B2 (Tasks 8-10) (3) You are advised to use a pen for Part. Let me know when everything is done. Therefore, for this paper, I will be explaining this writing process using as an example the first paper I wrote for my English Composition class (ENC 1101) called. Igcse English Language, paper 3- Directed Writing, question 2: narrative or descriptive writing. Don t forget to check the information in your notes from the radio phone-in programme on this topic as well. 2 hours 2 questions. What does this task ask you to do? I was finally able to structure a text the way I wanted to and had no more guidelines to follow other than the assignment prompt, of course.

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Age, they can convey the gender 1 A how to write an essay on sociology suitable title for the article don t just call it Save our Park 2 An interesting opening and closing 3 A description of the types of things people. Health, especially as you get better and you start using bigger kites. Remember you must choose to do the tasks in how to structure a science essay either Part B1 or Part. Verbs of locomotion describe more than just movement.

Home Past Papers gcse / igcse English Language Papers CIE Paper 3 (0500).You can find all CIE First Language English igcse (0500) Paper 3 past papers and mark schemes below.2014 English Paper 3 Memorandum November.

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Chill on the grass or listen to some of the local bands that play down there. We grab a snack, we want to follow this situation about the park in Shatin being turned into a public housing. And this is very helpful when I follow the next step. Subject, frances Fan Rezona Lok 27 th August 2013 Worktodo Dear Frances.

Because of that, I write.Can you think of any more?

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Rez 2014-DSE-ENG lang 3-B1-DF-4 4 5 Statistics of people using parks Million Hong Kong Park Shatin Park Tai Po Waterfront Park Ma On Shan Park Visitors annually Visitors using the park at Mid-Autumn Festival 2014-DSE-ENG lang 3-B1-DF-5 5 6 Poster advertisement for Mid-Autumn Festival celebration.