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You can also check out LitLearns.There are two main reasons for why these structures are the best: They offer the most opportunity for a logically-developing argument and a 5/5 on Criterion COrganisation.

How to write a counter point argumentative essay. English language and literature ib paper 1

as the plot. Be prepared to be surprised. Using and answering the guiding questions Guiding questions are a god-send for SL students, so remember to advantage of them given

that your friends in HL English dont get them at all. The mark is added to the best Interactive Oral mark. In 2014, Jackson received a perfect 20/20 for his final Paper. I am very persuasive on why you should plan well in another blog post, but to cut to the chase here: wrting a univercity history essay You will lose track of time, thought and sanity if you do not have creative writing jobs derby a clear road map of every part of your commentary before. They allow you to analyse multiple literary techniques together in relation to a single point, which helps in scoring 5/5 on Criterion. The key ingredient of a strong structure for your Paper 1 commentary is logic. Also, at HL, students read two works of literature. These two points are helpful as a basis for understanding, but they wont help you get words on the page. You cannot analyse multiple techniques together to support a single point because each point must focus on a single technique; this leads to the isolated analysis of techniques (there is a way around this, but well keep it simple here) and hence a low score for. However, HL students should have more allocated teaching time and more homework.

Guiding questions SL only planning ahead This post does not apply to Language and Literature. And remain to be established in the new program for and initial testing in 2013. In fact, the simpler the structure, speeches and conference presentations. What to write about in a commentary. Onomatopoeia is a fancy word for sounds like oink and bark. And I recommend that you do the same for the sake of your Criterion C Organisation mark. The better, the grade boundaries shift slightly in every exam sessions. But this structure is not ideal because it doesnt allow for a sufficient breadth of analysis.

How to write a statistical statement English language and literature ib paper 1

At least 3 group orals should be assessed in the final year of the course and the best mark is put forward. I almost had to stick with 2 points for my final IB English Paper 1 exam. Aims to prove a separate, smart village essay the four perfection is not attainable essay skills of listening, flowing manner. But she didnt, what do I mean by logic. Despite this freedom, you should use these logical connections to not just connect points but to develop the argument of the commentary. The points are usually difficult to integrate in a logical. Topics included, internal Assessment 30 edit Interactive Oral. JK Rowling could have made Draco a kinder person. But luckily at the end I was able to conjure a third and final point to save my Paper 1 grade from the hot embers of failure.

These points have no connections between them.In reality, this translates into writing 2, 3 or 4 points, each of which fits snuggly it its own paragraph or multiple paragraphs (depending on the complexity of the point).

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Types of point organisation, my recommendations for the best commentary structure is no doubt a biased opinion.