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Billow is a large sea wave.World Englishes, krachu's 3 concentric circles is the idea that there is a centre circle which has native English speakers such as English and Americans.

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to practice questions without your notes and in timed conditions. All these strands have different countries included in them that have different variations of English such as Carribean English

will have a strand of Jamaican which then springs off into Patois and Creole. Olevel English June 2016 Reading Paper B Insert. Influences of other languages- 8th - 11th centuries: invasions 16th - 17th centuries: renaissance 18th - 19th centuries: colonised countries 20th century: immigration. This is the idea that peoples spoken and written mode was become less formal than it used. Pdf PDF Document.37 MB 9093_s15_gt. Advertising- overall 67 of adverts around Europe feature English. 2016 Reading Paper A Insert. This links to language and technology. Lots of inflections still and the dialects split into 5- Northern, Southers, Kentish, East midlands and West midlands. Hockett said that language change is completely random and random errors lead to language change. Pdf PDF Document 288.66 KB 9093_y20_sy. Baileys wave theory states that language change is a cause of geographical impact, for example he further away you are from a language then the impact of language change will be smaller where as if you live closer to a language it will affect you. The main influentials in this time period (18th century) would be Samuel Johnson who wrote the first English dictionary with about 40,000 words in it (the biggest one at the time) and Robert Lowth who worte a short introduction to the English Grammar, however his. Olevel English June 2016 Reading Paper B Insert (Unofficial Reading Comprehension Passage). Here you can download, november 2016, past Papers, Mark Schemes, Grade Thresholds and Examiner Report. This section includes recent A-Level English Language past papers from AQA, Edexcel, OCR, wjec and CIE. Pdf, pDF Document.78 KB 9093_m16_ms_22.pdf, pDF Document.08 KB 9093_m16_ms_22_2.pdf. This links to the functional theory where language adapts to the needs of its users. Gcse Acronyms- this is when the first letters of a phrase spell out a words and you pronounce the word. You can download each of the exam board's papers by clicking the links below. There was also an increased trade in which it allowed the English to borrow words. Pidgin- formed by convenience should we ban persuasive essay Creole- culturally significant, for identity. Olevel English June 2016 Reading Paper A Insert (Unofficial Reading Comprehension Passage). Ofsted Clipping- this is when endings of words are not fully said but are known for what they are. Renaissance- this is the time when Literature and Arts were at the peak of popularity, oxford essay format especially mythology from Ancient Greece and Rome, so Aristotle for example. Middle English - New word order developed, Subject- verb- object. Pdf PDF Document.35 MB 9093_s16_gt. Then the outer circle are the countries which learn English as a second language such as India and Pakistan. Laptop (lap top) Initialisms- this is when the first letters in a phrase are used to shorten down names of things and you spell out the letters. Create mind maps, revision cards and essay plans for each question. This is due to more travel and communication.

English language a level papers

72 KB 9093s16ms22, all latest Cambridge oasaigcse Past Papers are available on english edexcel gcse past paper 2 revision our website. Pdf PDF Document 111, here to get a complete guide on how to find your desired papers 54 KB 9093s16ms12 41 KB 9093s16ms11 72 KB 9093s16ms31, olevel English 1123 Nov. Use the questions my life 5 years from now essay to help you revise key topics.

A -Level English Language exams past papers and marking schemes (AS and A2).This section includes recent A -Level English Language past papers from AQA, Edexcel, OCR, wjec and CIE.If you are not sure which exam board you are studying ask your teacher.

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Colon served as a variety of punctuation. Pdf 58 KB 9093s17ms31, accent of one group differs the color purple movie review essay from another. There are also semantic differences with words such as flat apartment or plaster band aid.

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The country with the most English is Spain with 77 of adverts being in English or having some English.