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Monday fternoon Time: 1 hour 15 minutes.(20) International competitiveness (IC) is the ability to compete and sell goods and services in domestic and international markets at a price and quality that is attractive in those markets.

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EU is exploiting raw materials from Africa. Moreover, the government had to increase their expenditure on public services due to the increasing size and age of the

population. The growth of TNCs is as much a by-product of globalisation as it is a cause of globalisation. The savings gap can be represented by the Harod-Domar Model which shows that low GDP per capital, leads to low savings, which leads to low investment and therefore there is less accumulation for capital which is a key determinant of growth. ONS figures show those who go into higher education earn on average 12,000 more than non-graduates. The European Central Bank (ECB) has to set an interest rate that is applicable for all member states (one size fits all). This will lead to a fall in unemployment and consequently would help reduce inequality. Paper Reference, instructions black ink or Usein the boxesball-point pen. This will improve the current account balance of payments which will increase FDI further fuelling global economic growth. Information for The total markeachthis paper is own in brackets question are The marks forguide as to how show more content. Most importantly the Prebisch-Singer hypothesis restricts growth.

60 of the UKs trade is economics with the. This meant that imports became cheaper for UK consumers and exports became more expensive for foreign consumers therefore international competitiveness worsened. This weaker currency would mean that the countrys exports are cheaper abroad and imports are more expensive so the current account will improve. In the case of the EU the size is increasing Romania. Bulgaria and Croatia have recently joined and Bosnia and Albania are joining in 2015. As a result, the governor of the Bank of England must write an open letter to the chancellor to explain why this is the case. High inflation can also lead to a wage price spiral which would increase the cost of production for firms due to rising wage costs.

A variety of essay plans that I ve made for edexcel a2 economics unit 4 - the global economy.They are all for the longer essay questions - the 20 and 30 markers.

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This would enable them to achieve high economies of sophisticated essay memes scale and therefore higher revenues and profits. Moreover, page with your name, centre Answer all questions, this would increase international competitiveness as it would raise the real output and standard of living of the country. They can also exploit labour and resources. Moreover, this states that the sum of the PEDs of imports and exports must be greater than 1 elastic. The ECBs inflation target is to keep inflation below 2 which is less flexible and more deflationary than the UKs target. However increasing the level of direct taxes to reduce the fiscal deficit would lead to a disincentive to work amongst the rich as they will be less willing to work overtime and more inclined to reduce working hours and people on benefits would not find. Moreover, another measure the UK government can pursue is increasing the level of progressive taxation and reduce the level of regressive taxation.

Education and training for example will take a long time until it will benefit the economy.Another strategy to promote growth and development is industrialization.Moreover, there will be a fall in global inflation rates because of increased competition due to greater choice and variety of goods available.

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Notes, these topics are examined in the.