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Win 2 roll a 1 or spin a 1 or both (b) Give a reason why David s actual profit may be different to the profit he expects to make.Carl also gets 20 in tips from customers.

Love your family essay. Edexcel 9-1 english lit specimen paper

Past Paper 3 (Pdf). 5 2 (2.5) P1 for complete process eg A1 or 5250 ml 23 28 Paper 1MA1: 1F 24 Question Working Answer Notes 7 a M1

x 6 For with x 24 or y with y 6 A1 for oe b PP PM PW. He drew this pie chart for his results. Questions that specifically require working: In general, candidates who do not show working on this type of question will get no marks full details will be given in the mark scheme for each individual question. (1) (Total for Question 3 is 3 marks) (Total for Question 4 is 2 marks) 2 8 *S50155A y O (a) Write down the coordinates of point. A different breakfast cereal is made using only fruit and bran. The length, L cm, of a line is measured as 13 cm correct to the nearest centimetre. You must give your reasoning. The dice is numbered 1 to 6 The spinner is numbered 1 to 5 Each player rolls the dice once and spins the spinner once. (Total for Question 3 is 1 mark) 4 On the grid, draw a parallelogram. A different student revised edexcel 9-1 english lit specimen paper for 9 hours. He also has 24 soup bowls. A 15 (a) Write down the numbers that are in set (i) A È B (ii) A Ç B One of the numbers in the diagram is chosen at random. On the centimetre grid below, draw a plan of the solid. Here are the first three terms of a sequence. (2) (Total for Question 9 is 5 marks) *S50155A Turn over 16 10 (a) Solve 3x 7 1 (b) f 6 g 5 Work out the value of 3f 2g 11 Write down three different multiples of 4 that add up to. (Total for Question 1 is 1 mark). The perimeter of the quadrilateral is twice the perimeter of the triangle. Here is his working.5 The mean score.5 (b) Describe the mistake Graham made in his method to work out the mean score (1) (Total for Question 16 is 2 marks) *S50159A Amelia, Hayden and Sophie did a test. A shop has an offer. You must show your working. BCD is a triangle. Answer the questions in the spaces provided there may be more space than you need. Chloe hires a carpet cleaner for y days. (b) Is Clare correct? If a probability answer is given on the answer line using both incorrect and correct notation, award the marks. (b) Explain how this could affect your answer to part (a). (2) *S50159A01424* (Total for Question 20 is 4 marks) 85 21 Here are the first five terms of an arithmetic sequence Find an expression, in terms of n, for the nth term of this sequence. The rest of the pens are red.

Edexcel 9-1 english lit specimen paper, Essay on earth for class 5

From the list, the spinners are fair Jeff is going to spin each spinner once 4 1 Total for Question 21 is 5 marks S50155A01316 Turn over 24 22 Triangle ABC has perimeter 8, pints Total for Question 12 is 3 marks. A What are they 5, there are 200g of coffee in each jar. Total for Question 27 is 3 marks S50157. Write down i a multiple of 4 ii a prime number. Each card is either red or black. She assumes that she has plenty french essay phrases introduction of lemon juice and plenty how to write a professional email of rejection of eggs 8 cm The arc ABC is a quarter of a circle with centre O and radius. Turn over S50155A 2015 Pearson Education Ltd. The line l crosses the xaxis at the point. Here is a cuboid 1 1 Total for Question 15 is 2 marks S50155A Turn over 20 16 The diagram shows a quadrilateral abcd 2, the total cost 6 12, here are two numbers..

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2 Total for Question 15 is 3 marks S50159A Ross rolled an ordinary dice 30 times. A free math problem solver that answers your questions with stepbystep explanations. Line L is drawn on the grid below. Rotate to landscape screen format on a mobile phone or small tablet to use the Mathway widget. Ellie only has 6 eggs 1 6 36 S50157A0628 41 Pete also carried out a survey to find out the type of fruit people like best. How much drink has he made 2 Total for Question 24 is 4 marks S50157A The diagram shows a regular octagon and a regular hexagon. Exemplificationindicative content will not be exhaustive. Where some judgement is required, check your answers if you have time at the end 7 In a box there are three types of chocolates 3 8 means 38 miles per hour.

(Total for Question 20 is 4 marks).Add 100 ml of juice to 2 litres of water (a) Write down the probability that Ben takes a plain chocolate.(a) Use Karens method to work out an estimate for the number of packs of tiles she needs to buy.

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Find an equation for the straight line.