Essay on, dowry, system for Children and Students

Essay on, dowry, system

In 1986, the Act was amended again, empowering State governments to appoint Dowry Prohibition Officers, who not only had a preventive role but also had powers to collect evidence against people who took dowry.Accidental incidents like suicide or burning happens with the bride when her parents could not be able to fulfil the unlimited demands by her husbands parents or relatives.Previously, in the selection of a bribe, her family background, education and her intrinsic worth used to be the primary consideration.

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must for preventing this crime. Thus, we all should be united and take this issue as serious as any other issue in our life whether we have a

girl child or not. But as time passed, the system degenerated into an evil custom. . Worse still, the married life of a girl came to depend upon dowry. . Indeed, the crusade against dowry needs to be crystallized into a public movement and a massive social protest. In respect of a marriage. Students of higher classes can use it according to their requirement: Dowry System Essay 4 (400 words). Generally a huge portion of population is much aware about this worst crime and its side effects but cannot remain away from becoming the part of it while they are well educated and financially strong. In extreme cases murders for dowry also have occurred. Families arrange most marriages, and a man who does not marry for love; he can marry for wealth. Every day the newspaper headlines bring this fact home that the evil of dowry is playing havoc with the lives of young girls. . The girls parents would give whatever they could and, there would be NO yes, No demands from the boys side. Lately, many girls are opting for careers. . In our country India, various government and non-government organizations are working since many years for ending this evil but still could not get success. It is one of the most important event that happens in an individuals life.

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Both the reasons for its birth are now not in vogue. Wikimedia, essay the girl is led to kill herself to save her parents from the trauma of collecting money for her marriage. Why Education Is Needed In Recent Era. Which they have asked as dowry. Just because he is a boy doesnt make him different. At times even before the marriage. One of the worst social crimes thriving in our country is dowry system.

Dowry System Essay 1 (200 words).Dowry system entails giving huge amount of cash, jewellery and other gifts to the grooms family by the brides parents as a condition at the time of marriage.

socially for enlightened people are likely to yield results. Such as the Syrian Christians of write Kerala and the Roman Catholics of Mangalore have started demanding dowry. Muslims and Christians 15, the accepted popular notion that the ultimate destiny of a girl is marriage 000 or the amount of the value of dowry. It is badly influencing most of the parents who have given birth to a girl child. Whichever is more, dowry continues to be the signature of marriage. The girls were not educated.

Mostly, a girl has to pay for this shameful tradition, they are injured, burnt and some time forced to commit suicide when her parents are not able to pay invalid expensive demands by her in laws.The  Centre  for  Social  Science Research  has  found after a  study  that  91 per  cent  of  dowry  victims  were  educated  young  girls.

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