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Field Marshall Sir Douglas Haig ( ) was a senior commander in the First World War (WWI and perhaps one of the most notable figures in British Military history.The French were under heavy fire at Verdun and had been since February, and the army itself was close to cracking.The casualty list - one million British Empire dead - and the bloody stalemate of the Western Front seem.

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Sources Support or Contradict This Interpretation? The Generals decided to forge an all-out offensive on the weaker points of the German lines and started. The Battle of the Somme

began on the 1st of July 1916 just north of Somme. In my point of view, I think of general as a butcher rather than a hero, for he, in writing a personal statement for entry level the first battle in the First World War, the battle of Somme, he used 420000 soldiers to defeat 500000 Germans soldiers and gain. He was the 11th child; his dad was a whiskey distiller. With the benefit of hindsight, it showed the Allies that their was a serious, inadmissible problem in their ranks because how such a mass scale massacre of men could happen after such a well planned offensive from high up the ranks to Haig himself. The next day Britain declared war, and the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) went to France. His plan was to gather thousands of troops to attack the enemy at the Somme. Attrition warfare, Barbed wire, Battle of the Somme 622 Words 2 Pages Open Document The Battle of the Somme: Futile or Necessary Was the Battle of the Somme in 1916 a futile endeavour or a necessity for the allies to win the Great War? m, ml (accessed September 27, 2018). I would also note that this play is and was originally intended for children,. This battle is also known as the battle of the most dead soldiers in all the wars. Strong Essays 1265 words (3.6 pages) - "A general who wears down 180,000 of the enemy by expending 400,000 men. Films like Francois Truffuauts 400 blows or Ingmar Bergmans Fanny and Alexander have left their mark on film history, partly because the directors dared to present childhood as a period of great insecurity and unhappiness. The men went over the top and walked towards the German line, only to find out that the Germans had not died. Army, Battle of the Somme, British Army 950 Words 3 Pages Open Document The Butcher Cyclops from the Odyssey) and is a fallen butcher with a pet bird who has taken to cannibalism in these financially difficult times. The source has clearly showed how Haig treats his soldiers stay 50 kilometers away the front line and giving commands when he is feeling good. In the run up to the war, Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig was appointed the Director of Military Training. (4 marks) Study Source. Source A From a private letter sent by the German Chancellor in 1911 after the Moroccan (Agadir) Crisis. He commanded the British Expeditionary Force from 1915 to the end of the War. Army, Battle of the Somme, British Army 690 Words 2 Pages Open Document Field Marshall Sir Douglas Haig Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig : World War I's Worst General Even so, a staff colonel had the cheek to write: "The events of July 1st bore. Assessments of the Battle Events leading to the battle Back to top The main job of the British forces in 19 was to support the French.

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Englishs armys leader, the freedom essay Butcher Of The Somme, in that year. Haig, he was not endowed with any of the elements of imagination and vision. Essentially due to his poor battle plan.

Middle of paper, this is because the British Army was very small. He managed to achieve this by pushing for legislation that lead to the creation douglas of the TA Territory Army. The allied leaders were asked to defeat the enemy. The youngest of eleven children, i will examine who the real lions and donkeys were by evaluating a number of sources. Was assassinated on haig the 28th of June.

The French army had 72 divisions and the Germans had.Haig was chosen to plan and prepare the battle but we can tell from before the battle he was already reluctant of his own plans and predicted that there would be heavy losses: The nation must be taught to bear losses.Despite his amazing reputation, he was human.

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Haig became General of the Army on the 10th of December 1915 at the age.