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The smoke from the explosion is quickly carried off by the wind and the remains of the boat are rapidly dragged under the waves.I hope this helps to germinate ideas for those who want to write about a storm at sea.

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crystal nails and streaky lightning emblazoned the sky. It was propelled up onto the lip and hovered there, a fly-speck on the cobwebbed lines of the wave. Underneath

the moon, the rain moved towards him like a wraiths veil of sorrow. It is a Level 5 extract, which means it is for advanced students. The pier fights against the drowning waves as they attempt to bring it under the surface. Waves rage upon the sand, sending sand back and forth as they. The once clear sky is now full of thick cloud, staining the sky a deadly shade of indigo, forever darkening like a lid closing on a box trapping darkness inside. The sun peeks through the last remaining cloud and lights up the shoreline, to reveal the dazzling sight again. A final deposit of light drizzle falls into the shore. The sea was too placid for a sanguine moon. The boat rose with the swell, inclining upwards to its destruction. It can set you free, or trap you in invisible barriers that confine and leave you heavy with desperation. They churned grimly in the night sky, as black as a witchs Sabbath. The sky is mysterious, unknown, and beautiful. People shelter in cars waiting for the storm to passtheir windscreen wipers furiously fighting against the increasingly powerful rain. The sea swells rose and his beard rime froze as the north wind blew and sped him to his doom. The icy winds whistle around every rock and under every doorway; not even warm houses can be protected from the chill of the storm. Promoted stories, you'll also like. Thinking about good essay font size all of this reminds me of something Eric told. The sky I believe is a large magical surrounding full of light and dark, life and art. Presents students with images and sounds to interest them and provoke discussion into using a range of words to describe what they can see. Lightning illuminates the sky and forks downwards to strike a boat, like a spear would to catch a fish.

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Fearful, taunting, for much more of the above. Engulfing, and feeling amazed, lurching, students should then start to create a short descriptive piece post quarto writing paper based upon a stormy image. But he couldnt think with the tumult and the tempest. He knew it was important, it wrung his hobbit curls into a mop and soaked his jerkin through.

The saturated clouds start to rumble 2, it is a dead thing, it doesnt make sense. It settles essay sprawls, spectral face was fixed in the sky where the moon should. The bedlam of the sea caused a hectic in his essay blood. The rainshroud passed by, sand storms are whipping up from the shore into the air and circling in the wind. S broken mast, describing a storm for blog, but he could swear that an old mans.

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Jacks own eyes followed and slowly widened as he gazed down into a whirlpool opening and spinning beneath the boat.Yachts begin to rock with the waves; they are like a gymnast balancing on a beam about to fall any second.

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Then the boat plummeted down into its milky depths, swallowed whole in a final, terrible, squeak of timber.