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There are at least 54 different types of synesthesia (Spector Maurer, 2009 mixing different aspects of our senses.Doi:.2478/s z Brang,., Williams,.

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that mind. Over time, specificity takes control. This theory posits synesthesia arises when the reentrant feedback that develops postnatally from higher cortical areas onto lower sensory cortical areas is

not strong enough to inhibit effects from connections between primary sensory cortical areas (Grossenbacher Lovelace, 2001). The poem, like the novel, is synaesthetic at heart, and the synaesthetic self is the secret source. Its impossible to truly replicate the phenomenological experience of an infant, but two psychologists at the University of California in San Diego have recently shown the phenomenon in play for the first time. Nabokovs father and mother saw letters and numbers tinted in hues, and his mother also saw clouds of colours accompany the music she heard. Most synesthetes report having had synesthetic perception since childhood, although synesthesia can also be caused by brain damage or by psychoactive drugs such as LSD. In the intervening time, their associations strengthened, providing a glimpse into how synaesthesia progresses in real-time. 10 Involvement of specific brain regions edit In addition to the high interconnectivity in synesthesia, there is an apparent contribution by the inferior parietal cortex during synesthetic experiences, possibly serving as the mechanism to bind the real and synesthetic perceptions into one experience. Subsequent studies have found that children and adults tend to associate brightness with loudness, and a small ball with a high-pitched sound. (2002) used a positron emission tomography (PET) to map the brain activity in six 2-month-old human infants while they observed unknown female faces. Indeed, the researchers concluded that the universality of this cross-sensory quality, and the fact that it might be lodged in our anatomy, might make us all closet synaesthetes. And if you turn on white noise at the same time, youll get larger changes in the tactile cortex. Given that synesthetes and non-synesthetes both match sounds to colors in a non-arbitrary way, and that the ingestion of hallucinogenic drugs can induce synesthesia in under an hour, some researchers claim it is reasonable to assume that synesthetic experience uses pre-existing pathways that are present. The Oxford Handbook of Synesthesia in 2013, Richard Cytowic, a neurologist and synaesthesia researcher at George Washington University, describes the astonishment and enthusiasm reported by synaesthetes after tests validated that they werent making it all. Individuals with synesthesia have unique color pairings. Lifelong time-lapse studies have proven costly and challenging, so synaesthesia researchers today increasingly focus on whats termed cross-modal integration: the ways in which the brain combines different sensory inputs, such as smells and sounds. 8 Differences between synesthetic and non-synesthetic brains may reflect direct hard-wired connections between unimodal auditory and visual regions in the brain, or they may reflect feedback pathways from multimodal audiovisual regions to unimodal visual regions present in all brains. When the synthesizer was transposed without her knowledge, she reported identical color associations to the notes that she believed she was hearing, rather than the absolute pitch of the tones. The Maurers proposed that all infants were synaesthetic, with exuberant connections snaking between the parts of their brains that transformed various stimuli to perception.

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Feminism and Insanity in Virginia Woolfapos. S Work 1141 words 5 pages feminist ideals and notions. Mango 675 words 3 pages Everybody possesses a quality that civil sets them apart as an individual and makes them unique 34 per cent fixed their letters and digits by age seven. Synaesthesia, dance is associated with song, synesthesia can also involve any of the senses. The word love has always tasted like the scent of fresh ink and soft paper. And concepts of nervous tissue were insignificant 4 Forward feeding connections in the brain that receive converging signals from multiple pathways are always reciprocated by feedback connections. Nothing could be more intensely subjective or takenforgranted than the ineffable way that each of us perceives the world. Maurer recalled that babies in frenetic wards started to cry and shut down. While those who received a single.

Synesthesia refers to a neurological Phenomenon where by stimulation.Chromesthesia or sound-to-color is a type of in which heard sounds automatically and involuntarily evoke an experience of color.For the purpose of disambiguation, this article will refer to this chromesthesia in inducer-concurrent terms used to describe other forms.

Our civilization is at the tipping point. These feedback connections are sufficiently inhibited to avoid synesthetic cross talk synestheia s essay induction of a concurrent perception. Says the monster in her novel. Within these subjects, synesthesia is also used in this stanza when Keats talks of hemlock cross talk synestheia s essay he combines the tactile sense since hemlock induces numbness and the visual sense because it has a bright colour. Like I said there is violent riots in the streets the lights are not turning on and neither is the water. This imbalance in the types, which in turn may bias selection of research subjects and interpretation of results. A strange multiplicity of sensations seized. Many of them reported just what they heard.

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While this description of synesthesia is useful in describing the condition to laypeople, it should not be interpreted literally and used as selection criteria for scientific exploration.