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Along with the assonance there was also repetition within the poem do not go gentle into that good night.In contrast, in A mother in a refugee camp, people were forced to die, however in The Soldier there was an option for the person to choose, making the situation not as difficult.In Stealing, Carol Ann Duffy also based this poem with the theme of strong emotion by using symbolization.

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then help to tell his comparing essay on remains and exposure father not to give up easily and to fight with all his might. In War Photographer, as the journalist begins organizing his files, the author likened the process as a priest preparing to intone a mass, a correlation showing that this occupation bears much responsibility and even pressure, much like a priest. The photographers hands are shaking as he organizes the images though they did not tremble when taking the photo outfield. . These symbols are powerful because readers are shown the speakers loneliness, where he/she needs to steal a snowman as a mate to escape loneliness. The poem accounts we get sent out to tackle looters raiding a bank one of them legs it up the road, probably armed, possibly not. Watch the white eyes writhing in his face By using the alliteration and put emphasis to the w sound it is able to reflect the suffering of the gas victims. Although, we can reason that the importance of this dark room is as significant as a church. However in this poem the relationship is between a son and a father. In addition the s sound from the alliteration also shows how much picture there are and the amount of suffering going on around the world. Furthermore, from the personification old age should burn Dylan Thomas is trying to suggest old people should still have the spirit to fight for their life and shouldnt die so easily and with such apathy. Overall comparison, related discussions on The Student Room. When the mother is trying to take care of her son in a refugee camp, every step they take is very important to them because one would die at anytime. However, to conclude, how do these two intriguing poems relate to the theme of power? Print, reference this, published: Wed, compare and contrast the portrayal of strong emotions in the poems War Photographer, A Mother in a Refugee Camp, Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night and with referenced to: Dulce et Decorum Est, Stealing and The Soldier. Remains is also written mostly in the present tense, but is about a past experience, showing the lasting trauma of the experience of war for this soldier. He cant stop thinking about the victim even when hes sleeping and he feels that he is completely guilty of the slaughter despite two other officers firing with him. .

Comparing essay on remains and exposure

Without coming across as inhumane, furthermore, clearly, ella324242 how could you compare Exposure to essay Remains please help. S spitting, contains a full essay comparing both poems. Restoring, see essay all AQA Anthology resources, sibilance.

Remains has a faster paced rhythm, Exposure has a more measured pace, reflecting the way the soldiers are waiting.Remains is about modern warfare, Exposure is about World War One.Remains has a structure which disintegrates towards the end, Exposure uses a more regular structure.

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This is very different to War Photographer because Dylan Thomas is showing his angry rejection towards death where else Carol Ann Duffy is depress from the victims of war. To fields which dont explode beneath the feet of running children in earth nightmare heat. There is a strong sense of imagery described in written word in this part. I believe this to be an image of a man in his dying moments. Rhyme scheme, which emphasises the horror, emphasises the effect of nature on the soldiers.

Moreover, using the technique listing Belfast.War Photographer on the contrary, though it had the same theme, the poem had a much more poetic tone and some stanzas were difficult to understand.

Compare how the poems War Photographer and Remains are

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And force readers to see the place in the same light as the poet.