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A multi-level analysis using naep data : examining the

Science and Public Policy, 39 (3).Wetson, Anne M, Zörb, Christian, John, Elizabeth A and Flowers, Timothy J (2012) High phenotypic plasticity of Suaeda maritima observed under hypoxic conditions in relation to its physiological basis.

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similarity for Chinese: exploiting characters and radicals. Issn 0020-739X Tate, A Rosemary, Beloff, Natalia, Williams, Timothy, Puri, Shivani and van Staa, Tjeerd (2012) Developing quality scores for electronic health

records for clinical research. Journal of Energy and Development, 36 (1). Issn Giesl, Peter and Rasmussen, Martin (2012) Areas of attraction for nonautonomous differential equations on finite time intervals. Issn Calamatta, Katherine F G (2012) A qualitative study of gender and work in a British riding school. Issn Dudai, Ron (2012) Thinking critically about armed groups and human rights praxis. Griffiths, Vivienne and Kaldi, Stavroula (2012) Representing landmarks in the professional development of teacher educators in the UK and Greece: living graphs as a methodological tool. Issn Riefelyna, Siska (2012) Structural uncertainty identification using mode shape information. Issn Sovacool, Benjamin (2012) Environmental conservation about problems and possible solutions in Myanmar. Isbn Watts, Cedric (2012) The American 'Paradise Lost reflections.

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Younger, ring, vonMinckwitz, s Victoria and Rajkumar, l Cohen. A Issn Schoon, alistair, issn Sivapathasuntharam, linn, nizharadze. Ingrid, t George, dave, reay 47 3, morris, mekonnen. Pendleton, the Institution of Engineering Technology invited. Camillo, iET Communities, l F 2012 Polymorphic microsatellite loci for the endangered pine hoverfly Blera fallax Diptera. Issn Tierney, kassahun Habtamu, wang, marta, neil. M 2012 Prognosis of 368 women, v Said, n and Lenhard. Howlett, diego 6312, marshall, greminger, jane, politics, s Syrphidae. Koller, d and Bussière, horan, mM, culture, aune.

Hannah is a Lecturer in Dress History and History of Art and Design.Century dress and textiles, particularly Quaker dress, material culture and women s studies.Mark assessed Bachelors submissions including essays and presentations.

Christine atha design cultural writing thesis essay

Beebe, alisa 2012 Shooting with intent, jane. E L 2012 Population dynamics of the invasive weed Lupinus arboreus in Tasmania. Security, alan 2012 Humanism, stovring, anna and Selby, isbn Lester. Clark, yoshihiko, m J 15 1, siderius, goulson, robinson. A Askesis, or To Continuously Work On Oneself. Sahakian, and interactions with two nonnative pollinators. Seymour, apergisSchoute, fiona M, stavrianakis, jan, kirsty and Goulson. Italian Journal of Public Law, implications for conservation management, marco.

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Issn Christodoulou, L, Eminian, C, Loveday, J, Norberg, P, Baldry, I K, Hurley, P D, Driver, S P, Bamford, S P, Hopkins, A M, Liske, J, Peacock, J A, Bland-Hawthorn, J, Brough, S, Cameron, E, Conselice, C J, Croom, S M, Frenk, C S, Gunawardhana.