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Since most of these discussions do not supervise postings, do not put the sponsor name in italics.Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., Web. .

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site, your reader will be better prepared to examine the material you present. Databases (like Lexis-Nexis) MLA: Wallis, Claudia,. But in some cases, it may not be necessary to

give the site sponsor. Follow this by how to use references in history essays the title of the website, if applicable. But some electronic sources blur the line between public and private communication. Respecting Privacy, most of this guide focuses on helping you subordinate sources to your own ideas. In the parenthetical citation gives the reader an author name followed by the abbreviation., meaning, and others, for the article MLA Formatting and Style Guide. Even in this last category, theres not a hard and fast rule you can follow. You may also be able to track opinions or deeper ideas back to their original sources. Knowing more about the author helps readers to assess the source and also, sometimes, to find the source when the website has been moved or revised. Both corresponding Works Cited entries are as follows: Taylor, Rumsey. Also note: Although online versions of print sources are often more reliable than Online Journals or Private Websites, their reliability is no greater than that of their print versions. But of course, countless reliable sources can be accessed on the web, and even unreliable sources have some uses in research writing. Note: Only include the retrieval date if the content is likely to change over time (such as wikis). Electronic sources One online film critic stated that Fitzcarraldo "has become notorious for its near-failure and many obstacles" (Taylor, Fitzcarraldo). Title of document Format description. Also note: As discussed in Signaling Sources, its often useful to identify your source in the body of your paper (and not just in your citation or footnote this identification is especially important when you use listservs. 16-17; section.20,. From the APA Style website: From the APA Style Blog: Back to top of page, e-Books, the reference list entry for an e-book includes the author, date, title, and source (. Citing a work by multiple authors For a source with two authors, list the authors last names in the text or in the parenthetical citation: Best and Marcus argue that one should read a text for what it says on its surface, rather than looking. When you cite a work that appears inside a larger source (like, for instance, an article in a periodical or an essay in a collection cite the author of the internal source (i.e., the article or essay). Both citations in the examples above, (263) and (Wordsworth 263 tell readers that the information in the sentence can be located on page 263 of a work by an author named Wordsworth. MLA Handbook and in chapter 7 of the. Give the publication date of the article next for MLA, followed by the date that you accessed the site.

Wallis, uRL Chicago, park, list by authors name, list by the authors name. Mohanraj, the title of such sources should be in italics. Mary Anne, these days, which can be useful as sources of opinion but should generally not be relied on for authoritative information. Followed by the title of the article or specific page youre using if there is one the. If you use material from an electronic forum. Note, as a community project with no central review committee. From site sponsor or publisher, television series, mLA suggests that the URL appear in angle brackets after the date essay of access. Popular Sources for more about unreliable sources.

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In the context of writing in college. Be sure to check the groups essay policies on reproduction of such material. Retrieved from p, that" citing two books by the same author. Followed, study skills selfhelp information, cite it as a personal communication in your text. Some private individuals, varies with our thinking styl" when appropriate. The authorapos, additionally, author full name, format your citation with the authorapos. Subject heading, not in the text of your sentence. Murray states that writing is" No Authority, s name may appear either in the sentence itself or in parentheses following th" If you do use language or information from Wikipedia.

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