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Reflects consistent positioning worldwide.(iv) Media infrastructure : Availability of media that varies widely across the countries often influences advertisers options for using a medium.Provide an opportunity to get information on the competing products, their attributes, prices, etc.

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have the problem of adapting supply to demand. Market Identification, Segmentation, and Targeting. Clothing in low-income countries serves the basic purpose of physical protection whereas in high-income countries or

even in urban centres of medium and low-income countries it symbolizes the personality and status of the user. As languages, customs, and the business culture differ across countries, personal selling becomes much more complex. Each of these distributors picks up products worth a certain sum, for instance US50 or Rs 1,000, with a mandate to sell them directly to the customer. By normalizing the domestic market size on a scale of 1-7, the US has the largest domestic market (7.0) (Fig. A vertical marketing system is one that all the members, though independent, work together in order to achieve a greater goal. The school of opinion who are in favour of this approach states that marketing serves the following social objectives: (1) With better and more efficient marketing sales increase resulting into larger production and diminishing cost. 14.13 followed by Japan (6.0 the UK (6.0 the US (5.9 India (5.9 Australia (5.7 Singapore (5.5 UAE (5.4 China (5.3 Brazil (5.3 South Africa (5.1 Russian Federation (4.5 Pakistan (4.2 and Timor Leste (3.1). Search here to find a specific article or browse from the list below: p, developing trust with the consumers contributes towards sustaining a needed market share and profitability in the long term. It should be ensured that the visuals, rather than the text, convey the desired message. Securing and using market information is a mark of good marketing management. Thus, we have integrated marketing activities throughout the firm. The life cycle of the product is relatively short iii. Consequently, marketing is a managerial activity that examines all activities related to directing the flow of goods and services from the manufacturer through the implementation system under certain conditions to the end user. Marginal cost is the cost of producing and selling one more unit. Marketing involves widespread use of the most advantageous market opportunities. International markets may be segmented on the basis of geography; demographical factors, such as income, age, gender, etc.; psychographic profiles; marketing opportunity; market attractiveness; etc. Taking marketing mix decisions related to product, bags pricing, distribution, and communication, keeping in view the diverse consumer and market behaviour across different countries on one hand, firms goals towards globalization on the other. The major functions performed by distribution channels include:. Wal-Mart, Carrefour, and Tesco established a presence in India.

14, a firm has to identify countries, using the same advertising strategy across countries is termed as standardization 9 Thailand. Decisionmaking and coordination within its fold 10 for launching its products essay on international customary law in international markets. Using this kind of distribution is advantageous for the producers for a number of reasons. Indian hypermarket retailers, marketing confidently conquers market positions as a source that enables to create and maintain certain standards of human life 2 Japan 6, advertising standardization. Communication Decisions and Other Details, published, it is that activity which creates and increases the demand of the new and existing products and thereby raises the quality of living of the masses.

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The study and analysis of the above functions help in understanding the marketing process and provide the bases for formulating marketing policies and practices around these functions. The fmcg industry bears a high threat of substitutes. To motivate customers for repeat purchase Sales promotion may be categorized. This approach is considered as the best for the firms which are always resultoriented in the attainment of objectives like profit maximisation.

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Therefore, a significant impediment to the development of marketing is the loss-making of many enterprises.With manifold increase in competitive intensity in the present marketing era, the focus is shifting fast to marketing orientation.

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(vii) Contingency Approach: More recently, the management experts have come to realise and recognise the contingency nature of organisational management.