BA (Honours) English Literature and Creative Writing

English Literature and Creative Writing BA (Hons)

Practical and professional skills, key skills, the level and depth of your learning gradually increases as you work through the qualification.You will gain an understanding of the specific demands of learning how to write effectively for radio.For more detailed information, see the Accessibility Statements on individual module descriptions. .

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contemporary periods, further specialism is also possible with an additional selection of English Literature modules which cover a diverse range of themes and include an optional dissertation. It provides

you with the skills to analyse a range of children's literature, and to use the resulting knowledge to produce original texts suitable for teenagers and children. You will evaluate the remarkable literary output of the reigns of up to ten monarchs, beginning with the Tudors. Best Wishes, Equestre, sorry to hear of your recent circumstances, but good for you for turning a negative into a positive. WRI2024 Writing Short Stories (20 credits) Writing Short Stories explores the nature of the short story form and its specific demands on the writer. In the second term, students will concentrate on an extended piece of creative writing in their genre of choice. You will then turn to the development of English literature from early examples to the eighteenth century/Romantic period, such as Old and Middle English, Renaissance drama, and significant poetry and prose. You will also consider how form is instrumental in providing meaning in a text. This would form an integral part of your degree in place of one of the optional Creative Writing modules above. LIT1020, ways of Reading (20 credits ways of Reading provides an overview of the skills and approaches necessary for the interpretation and evaluation of poetry, prose and drama. Year 2 WRI2023 The Art of Poetry literature (20 credits) The Art of Poetry enables you to write in, and experiment with, a variety of styles, to read a range of contemporary and recent poetry, and to relate that reading to an on-going process of reflection that. Modern Drama, this unit will investigate the ways that dramatic writing has engaged with social, cultural and political debate during the twentieth and twenty-first century. The complexity and diversity of Renaissance writing will be acknowledged and the period problematised as much as it is defined. The module addresses canonical literature but also questions the processes and validity of the canon. The module is divided into three parts, enabling you to consider the formal developments, influences and historical/critical contexts which have shaped the development of literature from the Renaissance to the postmodern period. Alternatively, it may be possible to select this additional English Literature module from the remaining Year 3 options above. You will feed the resultant poetics of this writing back into a developed poetic practice. LIT2049 Literature (20 credits) Literature provides a comprehensive introduction to texts, authors, genres and central themes from the Restoration in 1660 until the dawn of the Romantic period one hundred years later. LIT1025, form (20 credits) Form outlines the formal features and development of poetry, prose and drama. A combination of A Level and btec awards may also be accepted. These include characterisation, writing dialogue, scenes and beats, monologues, conflict and structure. The topic may develop a particular, pre-established interest or arise from a desire to study an issue or subject in more depth. Texts, their contexts, and relevant literary and cultural theories combine to reveal the changes and and continuities in the textual representation of subversive and dissident sexualities and sexual identities over time. Example Offers Some examples of how you can achieve 120 ucas Tariff points are detailed below. Please note, the above examples may differ from actual offers made. . English Literature modules are delivered using a combination of lectures and seminars, workshops, group activities, independent research and our online Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Alternatively, you may wish to progress to further study or research in English Literature. These scholarships arent linked to academic success and celebrate determination, talent and achievement beyond your coursework, for instance in creativity, enterprise, ICT, performance, sport or volunteering. The module enables you to experience writing collaboratively as well as developing your own personal practice and playwrights aesthetic.

Ba honours english literature and creative writing review, Parchment paper site

The module will first focus upon international literaturewhich might include. Drawing on relevant theoretical perspectives, knowledge and understanding, optional Access module visit. This creative qualification develops your learning literature in four main areas. It may also be possible to select some or all of these credits from the remaining Year 3 options above. Please contact us as soon as possible to discuss your individual requirements. Consideration will be given to the ways in which writers address questions about the local and the global and the movement and flows of people and commodities. LIT3049 Special Author 2 20 credits Special Author 2 focuses on a single author such as Christopher Marlowe.

Stage 1 120 credits in Stage 1 you scotland will encounter a variety of different times and places and engage with some fascinating people. Ideas and stories, as topics Iapos, where and when and you will need to provide evidence of your previous study. Dialogue, lIT2050 Romanticism 20 credits Romanticism provides an introduction to texts.

English and Creative Writing BA (Hons) 2018/19

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Seeking to complicate and problematise critical concepts that have been increasingly challenged in recent decades, including Augustanism, neo-classicism and Enlightenment, the module studies the notorious drama of the Restoration era, as well as a range of poetry, and the rise of the modern prose novel.