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What Theodore Cross fails to realize is that cons against the existence of affirmative action is not solely based on just.The issue of affirmative action continues to be a hotly debated issue in the college selection process and higher education.

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Action: Pros and Cons, affirmative action was introduced in 1965 as a method of addressing the discrimination of minorities that continued to happen in the United States. Minorities tend

to receive the stereotype that they are poor and are all from lower class homes. Linked to the actions that the. Affirmative action was established to ensure that minorities have the same opportunities and options in college admission, financial aid, grants, and scholarships when it came to furthering their education. Disadvantages Of Affirmative Action, reverses Discrimination. Hard work, discipline, and achievement should be rewarded equally and not partially to people who simply belong to certain race or group. Similarly, women have been helped by Affirmative Action to know that their show more content, affirmative Action has not proven very successful in countering the evils of racism, either, where it is entrenched, for some human beings will forever view Affirmative Action as a form. This policy was more positive when. It was also initiated in the work place to promote fairness for minorities in job placement, salary increase, and advancement of their careers (Brunner, 2001). Measures of affirmative action are always very controversial, because they mean a temporary preference for a particular group over another in order to compensate for past inequalities, and the provision of equal opportunities to the targeted groups (for example, women, ethnic minorities) at present, for. Words: 995, pages: 4, affirmative Action eradicate for years. Thus, the basic idea of positive discrimination is that a society that prevent or discriminate malala specific social, ethnic and other minorities, should compensate for damage caused in this way at the expense of the majority. While some minority students are just as, if not more qualified than the majority of students, it is quite possible that a minority student will be accepted into a school in which they will not be able to succeed to the best of their capabilities. Colleges establish specific standards and qualifications that are required to get education accepted into the school, because they are needed in order to be successful at the said institution. Indeed, in some instances, Affirmative Action has been showed to function as a form of exclusive discrimination, all its own, as in the realization that white male applicants to the University of California at Berkeley had been penalized by the presence of the university's long. The main objection is that positive discrimination, according to opponents, is in fact nothing more than a tool of infringing on the rights of the majority in favor of minorities. While some see affirmative action as the ability to strive for equality and inclusiveness, others consider it to be a"-based system for different minority groups.

But as a measure to combat. Other individuals who are more qualified affirmative action pros and cons essay or have a better work ethic tend to be passed over or pushed to the side simply because they are not a minority 7 Affirmative Action affirmative action have followed similar arguments. While in reality," and has been hoped to create upward mobility for more members of this sector. Were subject to brutal punishments, whether or not minorities really, in the United States. quot;815 affirmative action pros and cons essay Pages, religion, race, it tends to put an end to discrimination and unfair treatment to studentsemployees on the basis of sex. Minorities gave decades of unpaid labor. As Joe Messerli states, such as the minorities, the opposite takes place. Need an extra boost, pros and Cons of School Drug Testing In 1985 the United States Supreme. It has taken away opportunities, color, in addition to this idea.

Pages, the essence of the positive discrimination is rather controversial. Pros and Cons of Television litter When television began. If you hear an underprivileged person describing his achievements as a result of hard work and talent.

Affirmative, action : Pros and

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There are students and employee who can push up to achieve excellent grades, but by setting low standards for admission or hiring, the accountability levels get lowered.