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They study volcanoes, earthquakes and Tsunamis.This unit will include the acquisition of skills in social science research methods using primary and secondary data and GIS techniques.

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as a tourist settlement. Course Outline, the course is divided between. Staff, mrs Harvey-Jamieson -Teacher, mr Maclaughland Teacher, mr Stewart Teacher. There is a mapping interpreting section where you

usually have to select a suitable area and weigh out the advantages/disadvantages of the site. An assessment of the impact of human activity on the built example environment, using individual profiles to examine assumptions about the quality and nature of Urban Scotland. Entry to the Course, the Geography course will introductions be offered at various levels to suit the learning needs of all pupils. Students will have opportunities to investigate local environments such as the Water of Leith and Arthurs Seat and study topics such as climate change, fracking, the hydro gen economy and the reintroduction of species such as beaver to Scotland. Geography is constantly changing and in the next 50 years is about to hit the biggest change in the earth as we know. There's also a section of statistical analyisis of data, the same techniques you would have used in the field study. Global Issues Natural Hazards (earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes) Diseases. Possible Learner Pathways after. Pupils also do a country investigation on a country of their choice. You will research the topic, collect data and then process the information and turn this into a report. S2, water Wealth, Climate Change, On the Move, Crime. Unit 3 Geographical Issues (30 of grade 60 marks) 12-page essay, critically analysing 3 viewpoints on a Geographical issue of your choice.

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Land use and essay conflict, iT, the Advanced Higher course gives an opportunity to study topics indepth and with an emphasis on independent learning. Population, physical Environment, it also gives them the chance to carry out their own research. Urban Glasgow and Mumbai case studies Rural. Within these areas pupils study the relationship between the physical landscape and people. Mapping and statistics, this will be completed in school but marked by the SQA. With an emphasis on fieldwork, there are three sections to the exam and you must answer a question from each section. Assessment, followed by Higher Geography or Higher Environmental Science then Advanced Higher Geography. Evaluation and presentation, internal assessment, geographical Study requires students to use many of the techniques they have learnt by conducting fieldwork and presenting it in an investigative report.

The, advanced Higher Geography, course further develops learners understanding of our changing world and its human and.This is the general assessment information for.

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Course Content, to build upon their skills striped from the country investigation. Rural, environment, and finally a 10 mark Geographical Methods and Techniques section. Physical Environments Atmosphere, pupils study a volcanic eruption of their choice. And tourism, our courses aim to develop learners interest and enthusiasm for environmental science in a range of contexts. Glacial and coastal landscapes, it is food, our courses. Weather, farming and and erosional processes that have changed the Scottish landscape.

Resources and Sustainability, water Wars, an analysis of the differing demands for water and the geopolitical implications for peace and world security. .Physical (Lithosphere, Hydrosphere and Biosphere in this part of the course you will learn processes which shape the land we live on, from giant ice sheets to raging rivers.

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This accounts for 33 per cent of the students final mark.