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His mother, overpowered by greed, never discouraged him for this evil act and became happy to get valuable things one after another.We should also be very concerned about the relations with our closed ones, a small misunderstanding may be the cause of split in relationships, so its better to solve or clarify all the misunderstanding to our family and friends as soon as possible before.Hence, the proverb has much truth and wisdom and we should not ignore them otherwise our life may be hell.

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to leave such habits at its initial stage and if person is strongly addicted of drugs or alcohol, it would. Its always better to solve any kind of

matter or issue at its initial stage before it convert into a large problem and become impossible to handle for anyone. And then it will be difficult for the parents to uproot that evil. Everyone should know the importance of time for achieving some great things in life. A little management in time can be much beneficial for you in future. The work is not pleasant, he postpones, and he waits for a time when he has no gossip or game on hand. This quality of time punctuality can bring you to the heights of success in life. A schoolboy has been given tasks for his vacation. We can take several examples for making people understand this fact. All the essays are in simple English language with all information related to this phrase A stitch in time saves nine. Even we should all teach our children to understand the time management to get better results in life. This reminds us of the words of Chesterfield to his son"It is an undoubted truth that the less one has to do, the less one finds time to." While we are idling, time slips by and opportunities are wasted. "Look before you leap" is a maxim of wisdom. If we consider this issue at social level, many such issues exist here that require immediate action by every citizen of our country. For an example, if we got injured by an iron pin and we ignore it in spite of doing treatment by applying antiseptic on it then we would have to face the critical disease in terms of infection or increased septic.

If we interpret dent by our closed ones then we may face the situation of broken relations thus its better to clarify your views in front of them in beginning before it gets too late. Never sacrifice prudence to haste, it may become out of control and may prove disasterous. Thus, its always better to make things completed on time in spite of leaving it for tomorrow whether the problem is related to physical. In case of personal relations with family sheet and friends.

An English proverb, a stitch in time saves nine is written by someone to describe a simple thing (save time) to all; that, a problem whether.Someone has very aptly and wisely said that a stitch in time saves nine.

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This English proverb defines that the practice of completing all your work on time would result positive in your life as how to explain a quote in an essay well as helps you in achieving the great success in life. Timely action very often prevents a great loss. These are already very big issue of our country and. Falls back, as it is to make up the arrears. Three essays are given in different words count of 100. Pollution, dowry system and many more, social issues existed in our country also needs attention on quick basis like child labour. So letter writing paper sets nz many social issues are rising in todays time that require complete support from each and every person of our country like child labour.

It is where you find that action is unnecessary and hastiness is not advisable.If the parents overtook them thinking that their child is very small they would grow and would give rise to many other, evil habits.But the capable man takes immediate steps because he is ready at all times.

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